The Revenant is an unsupported individual or two person team Ultra Adventure Run. More than 190km & 16,000m-ish of vertical ascent, if you navigate it perfectly.

The race is at Welcome Rock on Blackmore Station, straddling the border of Southland and Central Otago. It's an area rich in the history of the Otago Gold Rush. The course covers a huge variety of terrain from alpine tussock land to Fiordland-like Beech forest. You'll be hot, you'll be cold, you'll get wet and have little time to sleep. It could even snow. You may not finish.   


Miners bashed their way across this unforgiving wilderness in search of gold. Only a very few got rich. Most didn't. Many never came back. You'll race across the same unforgiving terrain, probably with the same chance of success.


A true challenge is when failure is the most likely outcome.