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Originals sign up for 2020

26/06/19 - A significant number of the 21 Originals have already committed to entering the 2020 edition of the race. Most, armed with last years experience, know they can go much deeper into the race. We have no doubt some will push for a finish. Time will tell. Numerous new competitors will also give finishing a good nudge. They have the advantage of being able to follow the Originals around the all important first lap. That is of course if the Originals let them.

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A lot in interest for 1st of May Entry Opening date

20/4/19- We have had a large number of people send early entry submissions hoping to get a jump on the official entry date of the 1st of May. So interest in the 2020 event appress to be high. The inquiries from overseas is of special interest as it seems that the event has gained some profile internationally. We have a very limited number of international spots and entry for these will open a little earlier than the 1st of May due to the fact that New Zealand is the first country to see the day.

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NZ Geographic Article

20/3/19 - THE ENDLESS RACE written by Rebekah White captures the event from start to finish. It is another fantastic article that gets to the heart of the challenge. As is always the case with NZ Geographic, the photography is incredible. The faces, the places, the heartache, the agony, the excitement, the defeat- all captured in words and pictures that accurately portray the 40 odd hours the race took to unfold. A great article.

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2019 Race Article

03/02/19 - A great article covering this years inaugural race has been written by local Garston writer Lyn McNamee. Lyn’s farm is next door to Welcome Rock so Lyn fully appreciates the difficult terrain the competitors have to navigate. Lyn also wrote two other articles about the Revenant leading into the race. You can check all of these out on her Website (Blog) “Time of My Life” and the link to the race article is

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North & South Magazine

11/02/19 - Mike White has written a fantastic article about the inaugural race in North & South Magazine. Mike spent the entire three days at the race observing the competitors from the opening race briefing until the last competitor tapped the Whisky Bottle. Mike has captured the true essence of the event and the competitors will to face the challenge head on. A fantastic record of the event. Go grab your copy of the March 2019 edition.