• Start date 17-19 January 2020

  • Venue Welcome Rock Southland. 45 minutes south of Queenstown on Kingston Garston Highway #6. 

  • Entries open 01/5/19 and close 30/9/19 or earlier if the strictly limited number of entries is reached. Entry fee is $475.00 per individual entry or $950.00 per team. Payment details will only be forwarded once entry is submitted and if entry is accepted and confirmed.

  • New Zealand and International entry is strictly limited. Contact us to discuss your entry submission.

  • Unsupported race for either individual or two person team competitors.

  • 4 laps with a total race distance of more than 190km & 16,000m-ish of vertical ascent. Totals are taken from what we think is the fastest navigated route. We have navigated the course numerous times! Any navigational alternatives may increase overall distance and vertical climb, probably decreasing your chance of success.  

  • Total allowable time of 60 hours. The first cut off is enforced after the completion of lap 2 which must be completed by 30 hours. The second cut off is enforced at the end of lap 3 which must be completed by 45 hours. Competitors unable to meet the lap cut off times will not be allowed to continue and will be withdrawn from the race.

  • Unmarked course between a number of checkpoints (CP) that MUST be navigated and reached in sequence. There is route choice between CP's.

  • Unmanned checkpoints (CP) Failure to visit each unmanned CP in sequence will mean competitors are withdrawn from the race. Note we will know if you have completed each CP in sequence!! 

  • Navigation is by map and compass only. No GPS devices, altimeters or watches of any type are allowed. Timekeeping will be supplied. 

  •  All other race information will only be communicated to individual competitors or team administrators who successfully receive an entry confirmation.    


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